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Cellulose insulation is manufactured as a loose fill insulation that is blown into a cavity. It is manufactured from newspaper and treated with a fire retardant.
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It can be used in similar applications to how blow-in fiberglass would be used. It can be blown in to nearly any space including attics where it can be blown over the top of existing insulation. Cellulose can also be dense-packed into other closed cavities. It is made from shredded newspapers. This material is milled and then treated with boric acid, allowing it to become flame retardant.

There are different types of cellulose insulation. One type of cellulose is a loose product that is blown in like loose fiberglass insulation. There is also spray-applied cellulose that is mixed with a small amount of moisture. This allows it to fill open vertical cavities like walls. There are additional types as well.

Advantages of Cellulose

It is generally accepted that cellulose insulation a type of insulation that provides good thermal performance. It is well suited for preventing radiant, conductive, and convective heat loss. Its physical properties mean that it can be blown in around poles and pipes, as well as being squeezed into tight corners. This means that there will be fewer air pockets present, which usually cause insulation issues. Cellulose is made from recycled materials, so it is an environmentally friendly option.

Cellulose insulation and its insulating value can help your home save money on heating and cooling. Cellulose insulation is not only as effective as thermal insulation, but it is also a very effective sound insulator. The noise that passes through cellulose will be dulled and can create a quiet home.

Cellulose insulation is an effective form of insulation while remaining affordable and versatile.

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